We were born out of hate graffiti at an elementary school in our Denver, Colorado neighborhood in November 2016.  We came together to choose love over hate and advocacy over cynicism.


Our Mission

The Brave Coalition’s mission is to create an inclusive world in which all people can live their fullest lives regardless of identity or circumstance. We work to identify and address individual and cultural biases by increasing awareness, shifting mindsets, and inspiring action. The goal of our work is to understand, embrace, protect, and celebrate our world's beautiful human diversity. 

How we work

We bravely tackle difficult issues in a deeply divided world by creating safe spaces where people can learn and grow together. We host powerful community events, maintain an inspired online presence, and create meaningful partnerships. Our current focus is the Denver, Colorado community, though we intend this work to have ripple effects into other communities.

It takes courage for individuals and communities to engage at a deeper level. For this reason, we provide structured opportunities for involvement in productive dialogue. We call them Brave Conversations. These include...

  • Brave Film Series: See our Events Page for past and planned community film screenings with guest appearances and moderated discussions. 
  • Brave Book Series: See our Events Page for Brave Beyond Words, a facilitated, small-group deep dive into books of importance. 
  • Active social media: Read and comment on our Blog, join our Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter. 

We welcome you to show up, connect, question, and act. Be Brave!